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We’ve built a reputation for offering the best seafood for every foodservice need. So whether you’re looking for premium quality, on-trend innovations, or everyday value, we’ve got you covered.


Only The Best

The Icelandic brand offers some of the highest-quality products on the market. Today’s consumers are looking for better quality, and we’re happy to oblige with best-in-class beer battered seafood and premium, unprocessed fillets from Iceland. Icelandic products not only set the gold standard for taste and quality, they set your menu apart.


Simply Innovative

From the hottest, new species to on-trend flavor profiles, the FPI brand embodies what innovation in seafood means to the marketplace today. Patrons are hungry for unique eating experiences – ones that they can enjoy with friends at the table and share at a moment’s notice. The FPI brand offers the most innovative selection of seafood to keep your operation at the forefront of what’s cool in culinary.


Everyday Favorites

At times we all like to splurge, but for the most part, patrons just want a great meal. That’s where the High Liner Foodservice brand of products comes in with a wide variety of everyday, popular favorites. No frills – just great-tasting seafood at a great price. When it comes to mainstream seafood favorites, the High Liner Foodservice brand offers a large variety of everyday core products.

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