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Bill DiMento and High Liner Foods Awarded the SeaWeb Grand Champion Award at the SeaWeb Seafood Champion Awards Ceremony

Bill DiMento, our Corporate Director of Sustainability, was awarded the SeaWeb Grand Champion award last night at the SeaWeb Seafood Champion Awards. Bill had been nominated for the Leadership Category, for which he was one of four finalists; however, the Seafood Champion Awards organization saw fit to celebrate Bill for Innovation, Leadership, Vision, and Advocacy with a brand new award category, "SeaWeb Grand Champion", created especially for him.

Keith Decker, President and Chief Operating Officer commented, "The title of 'Grand Champion' of sustainability is fitting because it encompasses all of the key areas - Leadership, Vision, Innovation and Advocacy, that Bill has taken a leadership role in, on behalf of High Liner Foods. Bill has been a passionate supporter of our goal for sustainability and this award is a public recognition of his impact on the work of sustainability in the industry. Additionally, it is a tribute to the support of the Sustainability Council at High Liner and the team members who contribute so much of their time outside of their daily jobs. Congratulations to Bill and the Sustainability Council."

Bill attributed the award to the hard work of the High Liner Foods Sustainability team. When interviewed last night, Bill further told Undercurrent Newsthat, "Henry Demone and Keith Decker had the foresight to five years ago appoint me to this position, and I've loved it."

2/10/2015 1629 SeaWeb Seafood Champion Awards