Pink Shrimp

Species Information

Pink shrimp are coldwater shrimp in the genus Pandalus. These shrimp are widely distributed throughout the northern hemisphere, where they are a very commercially important seafood product. These shrimp tend to prefer to cluster around the continental slope in the muddy bottom of the ocean floor. Pink shrimp are widely fished with the use of drag nets.

As a general rule, pink shrimp are smaller than many of their counterparts, and as the common name suggests, they have a pinkish hue.

Cooking & Handling

Refrigerate up to 2 days. Frozen shrimp may be stored up to three months in the freezer as long as they never melt or defrost; use within 2 days of thawing.

Because raw shrimp is relatively perishable, it's wise to purchase IQF product. You can remove any amount of frozen shrimp from the bag and return the rest to the frozen without harm.

Cook shrimp only long enough for them to turn opaque, as they quick overcook and toughen. They are best used in salads, casseroles, quiches, omelets and garnish for other seafood.

Shrimp is low in saturated fat and is a very good source of protein, selenium, and vitamin B12.

Flavors that work well with pink shrimp are basil, brandy, butter, chervil, coriander, cream, fennel, garlic, lemon, marjoram, oregano, paprika, red onion, saffron, shallot, sugar, tarragon, thyme and white wine.

Cooking Methods

Boil, Fry, Sauté, Steam

Global Supply

Canada, Iceland, Norway, Greenland, United States

Seasonal Availability

Fresh pink shrimp are available April to September. Frozen are available year-round.

Did You Know?

Pink shrimp also have a neat biological trick up their carapaces, as it were; they are hermaphroditic. At the beginning of life, pink shrimp are male, but as they mature, they turn into females.

Only about 10% of the shrimp consumed in the U.S. are captured. The rest are imported, and most are grown in aquaculture.

Pink shrimp bury in the substrate during the day and are active at night.

Scientific Name

Pandalas spp.

Market Name

Shrimp or pink shrimp

Common Names

Northern shrimp, pink shrimp, coldwater shrimp, salad shrimp


Crab meat (substitute for recipes using cooked shrimp meat), Chinese white shrimp, gulf pink shrimp

Raw Characteristics

  • pink shrimp meat with translucent shell
  • usually sold peeled, cooked and frozen
  • market weight 40–55 per lb

Cooked Characteristics

  • very sweet taste
  • shell turns pink
  • opaque white tinged with pink meat
  • tails curl when done cooking
  • firm texture


French: crevette nordique
German: tiefseegarnele
Italian: gambero
Japanese: hokkokuakaebi
Spanish: camarón rojo